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We want to thank our Patreon subscribers, who support this book financially: Rishi Chopra, Adam Gutglick, Shuhei Kagawa, Min Lee, Randy Naar, Alexandru Nedel, Swav Rybak, Zach Tatlock, Jonas Treub, Yuanhang Xie, Vitor Roriz, and Maia X..

Moreover, we thank contributors who submitted typo fixes, questions, and comments through the book's built-in feedback tools, or through Github: Ajith, BO41, metamas, Ian Briggs, Anthony Geoghegan, Julian Geppert, Abram Himmer, Shuhei Kagawa, Bruno P. Kinoshita, Thomas Lovett, Gabriel Petersson, Daniel Rosenwasser, Pranav Shridhar, Sujal Singh, Michal Čaplygin, and some now-deleted users.

We are grateful to students of classes using this book, who often read drafts and gave valuable feedback.

Thanks go out to Brian Salomon (graphics expert and Skia engineering lead) for sanity checking Chapter 11, and to Daniel Tseng (Chrome accessibility TLM) for feedback on Chapter 14.

Finally, we thank all readers of Web Browser Engineering, for whom we wrote the book.